The range of our electronic devices includes some equipments used for the programming of some Faber-com cards and joysticks, and other products dedicated to different uses, always in the field of mobile machines control.


The AIS serial interface adapter is used to connect Faber-Com electronic cards and joysticks to your personal computer. It can be used to:

  • program the device
  • modify calibrations
  • implement firmware updates
  • monitor the operating parameters of the unit.

The adapter works via a Microsoft Windows dedicated software, which is supplied free of charge.

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Our PRG2 programming keyboard is the simplest device that allows the setting of Faber-Com cards operating parameters.
The keyboard can be directly connected to the card through a connector.
Among the various configurations available, we also have a version to calibrate our CLG load limiters.

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Our SSC devices are designed to control salt spreader systems on machines for the roads winter maintenance. The system allows to independently control auger speed and spinner speed, making it a perfect control solution also for similar applications, such as seed spreaders, fertilizer spreaders or sand spreaders.

In the SSC-E version, complete with display and (on option) GPS antenna, there is also the possibility to control the dosage in function of the travelling speed.

The SSC-L model instead is simply based on a intuitive control panel and our MDE-PWM control card, for more simple applications.

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The BCT outriggers warning device (box consent translation), is a visual and acoustic alarm. Normally installed in the cabin of the vehicle, the BCT indicates to the operator when the stabilizers are not recovered and/or when the mechanical boom height exceeds the maximum allowed.

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COC: Horizontal position control

The horizontal position control card, is an electronic device which verifies the planarity of gravity baskets installed on hydraulic cranes and blocks the machine in case of dangerous events for  the people inside the basket.

The leveling of the basket is obtained in a passive way, leaving it swinging until it reaches the balance position.

When it is stabilized, it is blocked, to allows the operator to work. If the horizontal position is lost, the card, through dedicated outputs, can alert the operator of the new dangerous situation or eventually lock the machine.

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