Since the beginning, Faber-Com has specialized in the supply of complete, integrated control systems. In this section, you will find some examples of control solutions we have developed for our customer’s applications. Of course, the systems below are just some examples of what we can do for your mobile hydraulic machine..


Our systems for combine harvester automatic levelling are compatible with all major brands available on the market. Just to mention some examples: Deutz Fahr, John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Laverda…and more.
Highly intuitive and user-friendly, our systems provide a simple user interface for the control of the machine.

Our standard solution is based on:

  • a gyroscopic inclination sensor, to measure the slope of the cutting bar
  • a graphic colour display, which informs the operator about the status of the machine and supplies the digital outputs for its regulation

The elevation of the vehicle (and consequently, of its cutting bar) is controlled by acting on its rear suspensions.
More specifically, the operator can choose among 3 working modes:

  1. Manual: to manually regulate the inclination with the buttons UP and DOWN
  2. Automatic: the system self levels itself at 0°
  3. Road: to disactivate the system while driving on the road
Technical Specification


Forestry crane control systems are based on different components, all communicating on a CAN bus network.
In particular, our STUi control card, thanks to its 8+8 proportional PWM outputs and different analogue and digital inputs, allows to fully control all the functions of the machine.

Each system, entirely customizable according the application specification, also integrates:

  • A couple of JC joysticks, to control the crane from the cabin
  • One CanView4 colour display, to configure the working modes and, on option, enable a camera streaming
  • A Scanreco G3 radio remote control to command the timber loader from distance

The possibility of double control (from the cabine and remote) is a big advantage for the operator. Indeed, this feature not only makes the work easier, but also increase the safety on the workplace

Techincal Specifications


Our forklift control systems can integrate a wide range of components according to the specific requirements of each application.
In particular, we can supply both specific devices and complete solutions for the control of the forklift machine.

Among the solutions we can develop, there are:

  • Joysticks: available on 1, 2 or 3 axis and different types of outputs
  • Radio remote controls: fully customizable with different types of switches, buttons, potentiometers, levers, joysticks and colour or black&white display
  • Multifunction armrest: to have all the commands in a unique support
  • Electronic control cards: to manage different working logics and functions
  • Load limiters: for all forklifts equipped with boom crane and consequently subjected to the safety regulation for mobile cranes
Technical Specification


wireless remote control kits for hydraulic cranes are the ideal solution for those who need to upgrade a crane mounted on truck.Thanks to our solution, you can add a radio remote control without replacing the original control valve of the machine.

On the one hand, this allows to keep the original control of the crane and, on the other hand, it permits to reduce costs.Our wireless remote control kits are particularly easy to install and supplied with all the necessary components:

  • Scanreco radio remote control
  • Our electro-hydraulic actuators, to be mounted on the dual control rods (MOD10) or directly on the rear of the control valve (HCD-SD versions by Hydrocontrol and Walvoil)
  • Counter-pressure block or hydraulic pump unit, to create a secondary circuit, at reduced pressure, to supply the actuators
  • Low pressure oil filter, in order to block possible dirt inside the crane’s oil

The use of electro-hydraulic actuators guarantees, compared to other retrofit solutions, the maximum reliability of each kit.

Of course, all our Scanreco (the brand leader of the sector) radio remote controls can be fully customized to suit the requirements of each application. Furthermore, each system can be programmed directly by the user, via serial cable or direct connection to a PC.

Techincal Specifications