Our range of load limiters includes different devices which are able to satisfy the most different requirements. The standard application fields are cranes mounted on trucks and aerial platforms. In the most advanced versions, it is possible to integrate: load limitation, working area management, stabilizer control.

CLG-F moment limiters instead are specifically designed for forklift equipped with a boom crane and allow to comply with the most recent regulations for lifting equipment.


The range of our CLG load limiting devices is used mainly for truck-crane applications and it includes two versions:
• CLG-SL – standard version: it is based on the reading of pressure measured by a 4-20 mA transducer, which is placed on piston bottom side of cylinder of first boom.
• CLG-D – differential version: it is based on the reading of differential pressure measured by two 4-20 mA transducers, which are placed on piston bottom side and on piston rod side of cylinder of first boom.

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Our range of CCU load moment limiters includes the following versions:
• the “S” version is designed for aerial platforms.
• the “X” version, with graphic touch screen panel, usually installed on cranes mounted on truck.
In all versions, the electronic card has the following functionalities: load limiter, radio remote control interface, working area management, stabilizer control, dump valve interface. The presence of two microprocessors (redundant) makes available n. 5 outputs in Safety Category 3.
CAN bus interface on board.

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CLG-F load moment limiters are devices developed for a specific application: forklifts equipped with a boom crane. Thanks to one or two pressure transducers, the CLG-F card can assess in real time whether safety conditions are fulfilled and, in case of risk of overturning, it can block the machine controlling its dump valve or prevent the dangerous maneuvers.

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