Proportional control at the push of a button

Handy 10Scanreco Handy is a robust handheld transmitter with innovative proportional pushbuttons.The speed of the controlled motion corresponds directly with the displacement of the button. The infinitely variable speed control enables a higher degree of precision and performance compared to traditional one or two-step buttons. The large pushbuttons are designed to be easily operated even when wearing working gloves. Four proportional functions in dual directions
can be controlled simultaneously. A second operational mode allows for further proportional and digital functions to be controlled. Areas for function labeling with
text, numbers or symbols are located on top as well as next to each button.The internal AA standard batteries provide 20 hours of continuous operation.By connecting the charging cable to the Handy, the batteries can be fully recharged in approximately two hours. Changing batteries is easily done by the operator without any tools in cases where there is no time to interrupt work for charging.Automatic frequency management allows for continuous work without any interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment. The on-site calibration feature allows authorized users to adjust speed settings without any external tools or software.
The transmitter communicates with the corresponding receiver using a Scanreco protocol and a unique identity code. This guarantees that no other Scanreco transmitter or other product ever can activate the machine unintentionally. The stop function conforms to performance level “d” (PL d) as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems.
The Handy transmitter is designed for heavy-duty use and we know that our customers rely on our ability to deliver functionality they can trust – we call this Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

Handy 10


»» 10 pushbuttons.
»» Proportional and digital functionality.
»» Dual operation modes duplicate the functionality of each button.

Operator Feedback

Operational and battery status indication
by LEDs and a LED display


76 x 253 x 50 mm / ~ 2.99 x 9.96 x 1.97 in.


433–434 or
902–928 MHz.


0.50 kg / 1.1 lbs. including

Operating Temperature Rating

–25°C to +70°C / ~ –15°F to +160°F.

Operating Range

> 100m / > ~ 330 ft.

IP Rating